Agradecimentos | Thank you

Coração preservado em polímero para fins educativos, Museu Anatómico Prof Nuno Grande, Porto | Photo Bruno Martins

This work is the result of insightful discussions and ideas between myself and people which I strongly admire their work.

Proposal to FENS

To Marta Lourenço, Joana Barros, Sofia Viegas and Marta Neto for their insightful comments and ideas.

Interviews and institutional content

To Catarina Teixeira da Silva for her kindness in sharing her knowledge and experience about anatomical collections in Portugal.

To Pedro Henriques and Nuno Costa-Silva, and Professors and Medical Doctors Rosa Gouveia, Gonçalves Ferreira, Artur Águas and Ricardo Taipa, and Vitor Oliveira for their precious contributions in explaining the collections and their work in such detail. For taking their time with us and for their patience in getting the work done.


To Bruno Martins for his sensitivity and respect towards the subjects.

Aprender nunca cansa a mente. | Learning never exhausts the mind.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Portuguese Brain Bank | Banco Português de Cérebros, fotografia Bruno Martins